Stumped! APM works in HIL but not in the field

I uploaded Ardupilot Mega 2.0-Beta Xplane HIL into my APM and ran it in xplane perfectly.  modes, rtl, auto, waypoints and altitude all worked.  but when i loaded Ardupilot Mega 2.0-Beta and flew it in the field loiter, rtl, and auto all did not work.


loiter: motor cuts to zero and plane circles but does not stay over the fixed point

RTL and Auto: motor goes to full throttle and plane banks steeply and plane remains in tight circle.  manual override is necessary to keep it from crashing.


I am running the APM 1.4 with 2.0 beta and the MediaTek v12 gps.


Plane otherwise fly fine in manual and stabilize modes.  In stabilize mode the control surfaces move in the correct direction to return the plane to level flight.


your help is appreciated.



When I went to pull the log files this is the only one to show up.

17-03-11 05-03 1.log

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