Stunts with Apm 2.5 in arco.

Is there some settings that you can change to allow apm 2.5 v 2.91b do flips in arco mode.  New to this board. All I can do in arco mode is flip on its back but it wont pull threw . I have arco training off and 0 set for the return to level portion It fly's  great in all mods it just does not flip .I only want to flip in arco mode..

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  • I got it diled in now able to do double back flips and double rolles with ease . This thing is so responsive now and so locked in ,in acro mode . I will try to get a noter vid soon once me and my friend  learn how to run a camera .

  • I got some not so good footage of my tri doing stunts. I am still tweaking but almost there. Here is a link

  • I had the same problem with my quadcopter not rolling through 180 degrees:

    I would love to fly aerobatics with Arducopter, and I don't mean just flipping a "flip" switch.

    It would be cool if somebody had a video to prove (if at all possible) that aerobatics can be done with Arducopter.

  • settings

    Acro_ball_roll       0

    Acro_ball_pitch     0

    Axis_enable      0     I think if you set this to 0 the above dont take affect but I set them to 0 just because 

    Acro_ Trainer     0

    Make sure to turn up acro_p that will control the rotate factor kind of like stick scaling on the kk2.

    also dont forget to mix in some expo on acro only..  Also make sure your PID's are diled in .I hade to turn up my "I" on rudder to make the tail hold. After you change your acro settings test it in your hand if you can safely do so if it is right you will know.

    Fyi I am flying a rc explorer 2.6 hv set up But using the apm2.5  controller with 2.91b firmware. Hope this helps everyone who is trying to do stunts with this awesome board.


  • Ok I will post them tomorrow had a little to much to drink but I will egt them up.I tkink it is like 3 or 4 settings. 

  • Just came back from flying and I finally got it . I was able to get back flips,front flips and roles. I dont have time to look at the files but I will post them later tonight I was late in returning home and my wife is on me to go to a party. It was not hard but I am surprised there is no form on it.

  • Did you figure it out? I just came from flying and tried to forward & back flip in Acro mode and it wouldn't allow me to get past 45 degrees yet it will do a perfect roll?

    I also have Acro trainer set to 0 (off )

    LOL most are doing there best to keep it from flipping and here were trying to get it to flip and it won't.

  • I think I figured out the settings to do flips in acro mode .. It works in my hand and I can hold it and flip it on its back all the way around on all axis withought it spazing out and it  corrects properly. I will take it down to the field to test it, this or next weekend. I flew it in my back yard and all modes seemed to work great. I hope this works. If it does apm 2.5 will be my go to board. Right now I have it flying as aggressive as my kk2  in acro but so stable in all other modes .. 

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