Sudden throttle drop when switched to Loiter mode

I thought my 2nd build would be easier than my first - but it's been nothing but problems. Chipping away at them one at a time.

The latest issue is that my quad just dropped to the ground when I put it in Loiter mode. Here's a log of that flight...2015-04-02%2017-02-52%2013.log

This was the first time I tried going to Loiter with this build.

It flew fine in Stabilize, and fine in Acro. Switching to Loiter apparently dropped the throttle as you can see in the ThrOut log. ThrIn bumps up just after which I think must have been me trying to compensate for the drop. Then the mode switches from Loiter to Acro and Stabilize were made after it hit the ground.

Any ideas why this would happen?



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  • It has happened to me twice in the past few days and just saw your post as I'm looking on the web to see what's going on.

    I switched to Loiter and after like a min or so , quad dropped for few meters then corrected itself. when I look at the recorded FPV video , I see THR is dropped to %10 then corrects itself and backs to around %50 again.

    Initially I thought it might have been because of the battery as it shows only 5 amp when the throttle is in %10 but it's hard to say.

    I'm using new battery so not sure it that's the issue.

    Please share it here if you got your answer.



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