Sudden TX connection lost from 2 meters away, a minute later my quad dropped from the sky!

Hi everybody! Something weird happened today.

For everybody not familiar with the Turnigy 9x, it does not have any failsafe. If you turn off the transmitter in the middle of a flight, the receiver will just kind of "freeze". It wont put throttle to 0 or anything, it will just freeze.

My APM 2.6 quadcopter lost contact with my Turnigy 9x radio a few seconds after it took off. I had just put it into loiter mode, which made my quadcopter just hover about 3m above ground, and I couldn't do anything! I panicked as I just couldn't see a solution for what was happening. I tried to restart my transmitter several times, change flight mode on the APM, but I just couldn't get contact with it. 

About a minute after I lost control, my quad just dropped. It seems like the APM "rebooted" or just disarmed mid-flight.

You can see screenshots of the logs, and you can see how it stops recording the barometer at 4m height. This indicates that the APM just rebooted midair, doesn't it? Why would it do this?

Here's my theory:

Something's wrong with my transmitter
What happened is what would have happened if I just turned off my transmitter. 
Disproval for this theory
A) Just after the crash, I unplugged the battery. A minute later, with no props attached, I connected the battery and the transmitter had perfect contact with the APM.
B)Why would it just drop a minute after I lost control? Is this maybe a feature of the APM? "If RX input freezes for a minute, disarm motors"?

If you want the .log for this flight, I have included it HERE

I was very lucky in this crash, as only one glue joint broke and the antenna on my 3DR radio broke.

Help would be much appreciated! Thanks a lot!


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