Just an idea - nowadays 3G modems cost nearly nothing with their free plans for few months. So I guess it has main chip which can accept AT-Commands like:

> A simple demo of SMS text messaging.
+CMGW: 1

+CMSS: 20

And we already have GPS on the plane - so why not to try and send GPS coordinates via this modem? Right now I'm out of tools and far away from home, but when I get back I'll try it =)


Any suggestions?

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yeah i think im going to get one a little later since I just bought the alarm and the tracking system. this would work great while the car is running or carjacked. I just cant remote start to far away with this installed. I would only remote start where I can see the car anyways. good find, seems to be a good product. incase someone might have a gps jammer, they would not be able to get away with this on the car. all three together makes it even more difficult to even thinking about stealing the ride now.

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