Super Simple Gimbal

This was posted over at RCG, the OP crezzee was not not interested in starting another discussion here but I think he came up with a brilliant idea for a simple gimbal mount that many would be interested in here.

See thread here>>

The question is will his mount work in APM code since it uses a V-tail mix on the gimbal??

Possibly the mount could be modified to use a standard gimbal mix by moving the tube and servo.

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  • Ok, I have a sort of a goofy work-around idea for this. 

    Using a KK2.1 board to stabilize a super simple gimbal, and using the APM/pixhawk gimbal outputs to drive the throttle and rudder inputs on the KK2.1 in order to arm the board to make the gimbal work. It's a bit of an inelegant Rube Goldberg approach but I might be able to get it working. Unfortunately adding the extra weight and bulk of the KK2.1 (while still lighter than a big brushless gimbal) runs counter to the original intent of a very light and compact gimbal. But it does sort of keep with the spirit of DIY.

  • I have uploaded this patch for APM 2.5 and it works successfully on my Super Simple Flexy Gimbal :


    I had to invert the Roll axis in Mission Planner on the Camera Gimbal page.
  • Strange that no one replied since alkost a year to this. I'd be interested to test your code for gimbal mix on apm, if it's still working with the latest 3.1.05Beta.
    • @gyrobot which version of AC did u patch?
      • Hi Artem,

        My friend patched the latest Arducopter V3.1.5 Quad, and added the following Parameter MNT_DRIVE_MODE which is accessed in the "Full Parameter List". It can be set to either 0 (zero) for a standard mount or 1 for super-simple. He is making a pull request to get the patched merged, we shall see if it gets accepted. For now, I attach the patched .hex file, at least you can do some bench testing.

        Would I recommend flying with the patch? It works but it is your risk, bench test first and see what you think.

        Here is the first flight video, it was a very windy day, add some de-shaker post processing, slow-mo and appropriate music score and it might just cut the mustard. Servo gimbals are never gonna be as good as their brushless counterparts but they are cheaper  :



        • Hi,

          any news about integration on 3.2 ?

          • No, but the pull request is here waiting :


            Not sure how to push this forward.

            Any ideas?

            • I'm not sure how we can push it forwards.  When I created the pull request I also posted to the dev list here: but no reply.  I guess it isn't their highest priority, which is fair enough.

              I'd imagine if a few more people speak up saying they have tested it / used it successfully then the devs might be happier about integrating it.

              • I guess this still hasn't been implemented. Has anyone got a v tail mixer working? I would love to be able to use a tiny 9g servo super simple gimbal with a keychain camera. Running even a mini kk2.5 would be bulky enough to make it an unattractive option. I could probably build a conventional x y servo gimbal instead, but I like the symmetry of the SSG.

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