Nowadays, with the rapid development of China's social economy, the stability and safety requirements for the operation of power systems have been greatly improved, and various types of surveying and mapping drones have been applied to China's power systems, such as vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drones, multi-rotors UAVs, fixed-wing UAVs, etc., such mapping UAV products can effectively improve the quality of line inspection work and improve the efficiency of line inspection work.


Due to China's vast territory, complex terrain, hilly and mountainous areas, and relatively meteorological conditions, the conventional means can not meet the requirements of fast and efficient from the initial planning and construction of power grid construction to the daily inspection and maintenance after completion... The surveying and mapping drone has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, rapid response, low cost, etc. It has wide applications in the early stage of power survey, transmission line planning and design, construction and construction, and post-operation and maintenance, inspection and other aspects.


  1. Grid engineering topographic map mapping


The fixed-wing UAV can be used to measure the topography of the power grid project. It can provide detailed data such as images and elevations for the power grid topographic map design as a guarantee to minimize the possibility of errors in the topographic map-drawing process and improve the topographic map. The quality and efficiency of planning and design provide a scientific basis for the construction of power grid projects and thus lay a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of power systems.


In the early stage of surveying and mapping of a wind farm, the UAV was equipped with a Sony A7R camera, 35mm focal length, ground resolution of 8cm, 1:2000 accuracy requirements, and the results were DOM, DSM, and DLG.


1.1 Transmission line optimization design


The transmission line design has a large field workload, high labor cost, low work efficiency, less information, limited by terrain, difficult to reach in some areas, long time for drawing in flat section and tower base section, amount of corner tower, house demolition The amount of vegetation and vegetation felled a lot;


The vertical take-off and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle technology can greatly reduce the workload in the field, the labor cost is small, the work efficiency can be effectively improved, the area that is difficult for people to reach can be measured, and the optimal transmission line design scheme can be provided. And can provide a variety of data results including DOM, DSM, DEM, DLG, and true 3D models. Mountainous strip terrain survey, 9km long, 500m wide, results include DOM (0.1m resolution) and DSM (2m grid).


  1. UAV power inspection(thermal infrared, high-definition camera, LiDAR)


(1) Substation thermal infrared monitoring:


Most electrical equipment will exhibit abnormal temperature rise before failure. The infrared thermal imager can detect the abnormal temperature rise of electrical equipment. It is the best fault detection method recognized in the power field, and it is listed as the state maintenance work. An important part of.


Whether day or night, FLIR thermal imaging cameras and automation software can detect potential equipment failures and safety hazards in remote monitoring stations at any time. The net effect is that reliability is improved and costs are reduced. High voltage electrical equipment typically heats up before it fails. The use of a multi-rotor drone equipped with an infrared camera continuously monitors high-voltage equipment, avoiding costly failures.


(2) A drone equipped with HD camera


(3) UAV equipped with LiDAR


  1. Construction services


In order to ensure the control of investment objectives, quality objectives and progress targets throughout the life cycle of project management, the multi-rotor UAV tilt photogrammetry technology is used to regularly fly the project site, and the construction conditions of the project sites at different construction phases can be obtained. High-precision visualization of 3D models or 360 panoramas provides a basis for construction management.


  1. Grid operation and maintenance services


The meticulous inspection of the transmission line equipment is time-consuming, laborious and dangerous.


The use of drone equipment instead of artificial climbing towers can achieve refined, fast, safe and efficient inspections and high quality.


MMC UAV is committed to boosting automation with high-performance UAV products so people can work in greater safety, by higher efficiency, and with lower cost. It is our never-ending quest to conquer the sky for human’s good.


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