Which UAV platform (quadcopter) should I use to develop and implement outdoor decentralized swarm motion control algorithms? I need a customizable platform so that I can integrate other required hardware and software. By implementing swarm motion control first I want to achieve following:- 1. Formation Flight (make formation) 2. Dynamic formation 3. Object Tracking 4. Onboard image processing 

Most important communication between UAVs.

For software platform, I am thinking to use ROS for simulation and px4 for UAVs. Can I simulate multiple UAVs with decentralized control with ROS integrated with px4?

Please suggest which hardware platform should I use among: -

INTEL® AERO Platform


Erle-Brain 2



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  • The answer depends what on what you want to do exactly.

    You can control multiple vehicles from Qgroundcontrol, but you need to select the vehicles separately in QGC and tell them what to do.

    What you need to do is to give all the telemetry modems the same netID but every pixhawk needs a different vehicle ID.

  • Can I achieve multiple drone control with just Pixhawk and Q Ground Control/Mission Planner? If yes, then how?

  • Thanks for the clarification. I will first start with simulations.      

  • Based on your questions I assume you are at the beginning and haven't yet developed swarm motion control. Am I right? In that case i would suggest to do a simulation as a start. I would use ROS and Gazebo for that. Further I would start start with an abstract implementation independent from any specific communication topology, hardware or specific sensors. Furder down the road you can refine it more. Once you have develop the algorithms (s) then you can specify your hardware requirements. Also I would consider not using the both ideas you are suggested. Don't get me wrong they are great. But a plain Pixhawk with a companion computer with ROS and Mavros gives you much more flexibility. The companion computer can be chosen according your requirements.

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