MY APM is behaving weirdly...

Finally when I move throttle up/down all servos respond, also for elevator, but not for airelon, moving that stick makes only one servo move..also the servos are not synched...they are lagged about 0.6s... meaning they dont all move in uniform..

I had the apm connected to trex450 esc for a while.. I hope I havent damaged the apm... im using a 5V battery pack now..

Im using jr92x with a spektrum module and a 7 channel receiver

Can anyone help? In the Radio calibration all the channels check out..gear switch is on channel 5, and channel 8 moves along with the throttle (throttle and collective pitch from radio are virtually identical, not sure why Im sending it twice...)

RC_SPEED is 200 and my servos are hitech digital 5065..

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What swashplate type do you have selected?


On the radio Ive selected Helicopter, and 1 Servo swash plate... On the Heli setup screen of the sim, CCPM is selected and fly bar config.. I dont see any write parms/save button there I assume just clicking the windows forms radio button is all that's required..

Thanks for your help

The trex450 ESC outputs 6v I think instead of 5v so that's not good although I suspect the APM will have survived ok.

I switched to the castle creations pro cc bec and all my power problems went away.

The lag on the servo is very weird.  I guess you could try directly connecting it to the receiver to make sure it's not the servo that's the problem.  It's unlikely to be the servo though..much more likely to be a setup issue.

Well initially I was connecting analogue hitech65 servos and they had a hard time and actually burned out from twitching etc... no matter what the update rate... I think there should be a warning 'do not use analogue servos'?

Always always the servos work perfectly fine with the receiver....

Im thinking something is broken, but.. I cant possibly be so unlucky can I?  2 servos of the swashplate work kind of delayed, third majorly delayed.. mmmm.....

But, that's not necessarily true that analogs won't work.  I initially flew my 450 using $3 Hobby King analogs and it was fine, even at 125 Hz update rates.  

Sometimes you don't get what you pay for.

Sorry, wish I could be more helpful, but I really don't have any idea what's wrong with your setup.  I'm inclined to say that the APM should either be working perfectly, or it's completely busted.  I can't figure what could be causing your symptoms.

Delayed servo eventually makes it to it's designated position, hesitantly... maybe be a hardware fault?... loose pin/capacitor or something perhaps.. 

Any ideas whatsoever about my next steps?

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