Hey everyone,

There was a lot of talk about the Swift Piksi RTK GPS mid-last year. The last thing I can find is that drivers were included in the ardupilot firmware such that it supported the Piksi as a normal GPS, but as yet without RTK functionality.

That was 6 months ago now, but I can't find anything in any change logs so suggest the RTK support has since been implemented.

Does anyone know anything more about this? It would be super cool to see RTK functionality on this system.



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+1 on getting more status updates on this. I've been playing around with RTK myself on L1 with cheap receivers that only do GPS (piksi does more) and wanted to see whether high precision can really be used for vehicle navigation when L2 is not available on the device.

Hi Patrick and Gerard,

My name is Tim Harris and I am CEO of Swift Navigation, maker of the Piksi. First off, thank you for your interest and patience. I promise you that no one wants to fly with RTK more than we do. As I'm sure you realize, building an low-cost RTK system from scratch is large and difficult project, but one we are dedicated to solving. Over the last year, we've made extraordinary progress; garnered some resources, built a fantastic team of 12, and are fast approaching v1.0 (check back in 6 weeks). 

We're also very close now to having a driver ready, and I'm going to have to ask for a little more patience. We will be posting some videos once we have it up and running on pixhawk, and will be making an announcement on the forum.

To all the whole DIYdrones, we greatly appreciate all your support and are working hard to deliver cheap and accuracy positioning for you!



Thanks for your work, Tim, I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks for your work, but i'm a bit puzzled, so the product sale in http://store.swiftnav.com/s.nl/it.A/id.4229/.f hasn't got full functionality of the RTK?

The units themselves have full RTK capability with the supplied software, but as yet only normal single-point GPS is supported on Ardupilot systems.

Thanks, super fast reply... great forum

Hi Tim .. We are waiting for this fantastic unit to be fully functional with Pixhawk .. keep up the great work and I am sure everyone will be placing an order as soon as you say its ready to fly!.

Regards Reuben

Hi Tim, thanks for the update - this will be a great product once it's ready. I don't know much about RTK, except that one of the major challenges of single frequency RTK is fast and reliable resolution of the integer ambiguity. I'm wondering, would an initial highly accurate (centimeter level) relative position measurement between the antennae, from another source, significantly reduce the resolution time?

Hi Dan,

What you are referring to is a known baseline initialization, and yes. If you place the units next to each other, or input a calculated distance, they should initialize in matter of seconds. 


My friend has a piksi,I want to buy it,when i read this news ,I want to wait for a while .

Great stuff Tim. Really looking forward to this product!

I'm hoping this will be available in South Africa?

Please keep us in the loop.

Looking forward to it! I am in China.

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