Switch to FLY - and it is shorted!

Hi again =)


Whenever I switch APM to FLY mode (handle of the switch closer to DIP-switches) both boards (oilpan and ardupilot mega) got shut off! No leds, no ftdi virtual com-port in computer's device list. And the buffer chip(74act157 on APM board) getting really hot! When in CLI mode - it's all okay. 


Also I've notice that on 3-pin connectors I have 4.9V at Signal Pin and 1.3V at + Pin. To clear some things - am I able to supply power to receiver from lets say IN8 or OUT8? I think all + and - are the same on this connector.

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    Just checking a few things:

    1) If you have a 1.4 APM board, are you powering the servo rail separately (from your Rx or ESC)? You should be.
    2) You do have the GPS plugged into the right connector (APM, not IMU), right?
    3) Do the boards pass the CLI tests?
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