Hello, I just bought a Syma X5SC as first quadcopter

I want to upgard it a little, I know pretty much about electronics but I don't want to touch without asking the seniors.

I have the basic remote given with it, but I want to have more signal with my drone, it's actually dropping at only 50 meters, how can I upgard the signal and get a bit further with my drone ?

As I told you, I don't have the money to buy another remote, just tell me how to "build" a better antenna for it (or buy one for cheap), and where should I solder it ? (as the controller don't have native connector for another antenna)

also general question, what can we upgard manually in the X5-SC and what we cannot ? is it possible to add gps for example ?

Can I use freeflight on it ?

Thank you

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up guys, really need your help

Samy I did replace the antenna in my Syma X5 controller.  There are are few sites that go over this process, here is one: http://www.firstquadcopter.com/quadcopter-news/syma-x5c-range-hack/

As for modding (gps, etc) you won't get very far as it's capabilities are pretty limited.   You may want some spare motors as they are tiny and burn out easily.  Other than that, you want to start looking into your own build.  It's a blast!

Thank you ! a lot !

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