A very reliable Hex fell 300 feet today... good thing I was at 400 feet because it recovered...

But I had to fight to get it back...

I am not very good at looking at these logs..

It looks like the throttle input, to the APM, went to zero for a few sec.. 

But right after it flipped, GPS came up....  I don't know... Take a look please..

It should be easy for someone who knows what they are doing to find the problem...

Leading theory...  I lost RC signal.

Thanks a bunch..

Eddie Weeks


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Yep, I agree, it looks like you lost RC signal and the throttle input went to zero for a few seconds, causing the fall (looks like about 40 meters). Then GPS got a lock, but a few seconds later the GPS failsafe was triggered for some reason, I'm not sure why. Could be a bug in the GPS glitch detection?

I agree... but some other strange things happen...   

#1... I was only ~200 meters away...  earlier I was much further...

#2... when then copter leveled out... I had little control and it was jumping around a lot... see tilt or roll axis..

if felt like it was in loiter or something...  I would jump on 2 axis, once every second...

Of course.. I just flew it, and it flew perfectly... which I knew it would..LOL


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