Hey guys,

I'm trying to understand how to use the grid functionality in the mission planner software.

As it's a new feature, there is not a lot of tutorials or information available.

The only one I found is :


But this one is mainly based (as I understand it) on a trigger distance.

Is the steps are the same for the grid ?

Can I use the same script file provide in the tutorial with the grid functionality ?

And why in the tutorial do we have to put the cable in the A9 pin ? is it a specific one or can I use others ?

Ok many questions... Indeed, it would be nice if someone can explain step by step how to do it :D



PS : I've already make my own USB connector to connect my camera to the apm.

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  • Hi Gerard,

    I have a question regarding CAM_TRIGG_DIST - once the drone is at a distance where it is to trigger the shutter, Pixhawk needs to know the method to trigger the shutter... I think...

    I am using a PWM controlled relay to trigger my shutter. http://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/picoswitch

    With the following parameters, I have the camera trigger working great from my Taranis:

    CAM_DURATION: 5 (0.5 seconds works well for my camera)

    CAM_SERVO_OFF: 1000

    CAM_SERVO_ON: 2000

    CAM_TRIGG_TYPE: 0 (for servo, since my picoswitch controlled by a PWM signal)

    CH7_OPT: 9 (for camera trigger)

    RC10_FUNCTION: 10 (for camera trigger)

    Where I get confused, is reading around the forum I've read that to use CAM_TRIGG_DIST along with the auto waypoint survey grid I need to set:

    CH7_OPT: 0 (do nothing)

    RC10_FUNCTION: 0 (disabled)

    I guess this allows Pixhawk to take control of the camera trigger...

    My questions are:

    Can I use the servo method I have wired up with CAM_TRIGG_DIST, or does it only work for camera shutter wired for operation by a relay?

    When I use CAM_TRIGG_DIST do I need to set Servo, PWM, and Cycle Time (in the Survey grid window), or is that only if I want to use DO_REPEAT_SERVO? (I want to use CAM_TRIGG_DIST because I want Pixhawk to catalog the GPS coordinates every time it triggers the shutter).

    Any help would be much appreciated... I'm on trip number 11 to the school yard and I'm battling frustration...

    - Rick

  • A9 is the default output pin, so if you use the cam trigger, that's the pin that raises the signal. 

    If you go into mission planner, the right way to set up a flight plan for a survey is to use the polygon tool to draw the area you want surveyed. Then right-click and select the survey or gridv2 option or whatever it is. In the dialog that comes up, you can click "advanced" and this gives you the ability to select how triggering happens. This is either a list of waypoints where a trigger is issued or a more generic method where each x  m traveled causes a trigger. The second option is more helpful for larger flight plans, where you can fly larger plans, since the number of waypoints that can be stored in eeprom is limited.

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