This for people who are interested in Taranis 6 Position Switch setup for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner.


Flight Mode PWM Values

FM 1 – PWM 0 - 1230

FM 2 – PWM 1231 - 1360

FM 3 – PWM 1361 - 1490

FM 4 – PWM 1491 - 1620

FM 5 – PWM 1621 - 1749

FM 6 – PWM 1750+


SF 2-Position Switch

SF UP D0 – FM1 (PWM 1100)

SF DWN ID1 – FM2 (PWM 1300)


SA 3-Position Switch

(SA UP ID0) – Not Assigned / No Values

(SA MID - ID1) – FM3 (PWM 1420)

(SA DWN ID2) – FM4 (PWM 1550)




(SF UP - ID0) & – (SA UP ID0) FM1 (PWM 1100) Source - MAX, Weight  -77, Multpx - Replace

(SF DWN - ID1) & – (SA UP ID0) FM2 (PWM 1300) Source - MAX, Weight -38, Multpx - Replace


(SF UP - ID0) & (SA MID - ID1) - FM3 (PWM 1420) Source - MAX, Weight 10, Switch - (SA MID ID1) , Multpx – Add

(SF UP - ID0) & (SA DWN - ID2) - FM4 (PWM 1550) Source - MAX, Weight  47, Switch - (SA DWN ID2), Multpx – Add


(SF DWN - ID1) & (SA MID -ID1) – FM5 (PWM 1700) Source - MAX, Weight 62, Switch -( SA MID -ID1) , Multpx – Add

(SF DWN - ID1) & (SA DWN - ID2) – FM6 (PWM 1800) Source - MAX, Weight 50, Switch -(SA DWN - ID2) , Multpx – Add

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  • Is the 4S a reference to a 4S battery?  If so, could this be modified for a 3S system, such as the Iris?

  • This is unrelated to the flight mode setup (BTW thank you, this will be useful when my Taranus arrives). I’ll be moving my wifi booster from my Devo 10 to the Taranis when it arrives. In the model setup I can select the output power on the devo so it doesn't over drive the wifi amp, (which causes distortion and damage to the amp)  so I need to know if I can also select the Taranis output power or am I going to need an attenuator? If necessary I can order the parts now so they are here when the radio arrives. Thank you! 

    • Hugues:  Thanks for the useful info!  I've been searching on how to setup 6 flight modes in my APM for hours..  Yours was the best guide I have found..  got me up and running.. +1

      • If you need any help, I can give you the settings and the audio files of my Taranis setup which is working perfectly.

        • Hi CyberCrash,

          I'd sure like those too, can you append them to a post here? Thanks!

        • My Taranis is finally on the way and the settings and files would be really helpful.

          • Okay,

            here are my settings + audio files.

            copy the audio files on to the sd card unter: sounds\en

            Then install the companion tool and let it update itself and the taranis to version v2.0.5. Then copy the settings (.eep) file onto your Taranis and have fun.

            It uses the top right two switches.  (SC and SD)

            This is how:

            up up = Stabilize

            up mid = ALT

            up down = RTL

            mid up = PositionHold

            mid mid = LOITER

            mid down = RTL

            down up = Land

            down mid = 

            down down = RTL

            I set RTL on every SD=down switch position. Because: I use RTL in case of emergency. In those situations I get very nervous and can't afford to look down to find the correct switch combination. Now, everytime I switch the SD switch down I will get RTL.

            up mi

            Settings + Tools.part1.rar

            Settings + Tools.part2.rar

            • Out of curiosity why do you have both Position Hold and Loiter selected?  Do you find some advantage in one over the other in certain situations?

              I find the SF switch to be very handy for RTL.  It is easy to swipe forward quickly when panicked.

              Plus it leaves two more slots available on SD and SC for two other modes.

            • i cant download the on this server

            • Thank you very much!!!!!

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