Taranis Plus unable to communicate with companion 2.0

Problem: Companion 2.0 unable to read files from the Tx.

Tx firmware = 2.0.18

Companion = 2.0.18, Jan 3, 2016

Driver = See attached pic IMG_2996%5B1%5D.JPG

laptop  = Del Precision M2800, windows 7 professional, 64-bit operating system

Procedure followed to connect:

1) Open Companion

2) Turn on Tx by holding the two trim buttons and switching on Tx

3) Connect the USB

4) USB driver recognized as shown above in the pic.

5) Click the button "Read model and settings from the radio"

6) See the message in the three pictures attached.




I am not sure what is blocking communication between the companion and Trananis when everything is done by the book.

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