Tarot 2D full size gimbal with continuous servo motors

I have a new X6 Tarot build and so far the early flights are going well. I now look at the gimball and camera mount.

I should first clarify that my goal is aerial still photography with a full size Canon camera. That means that stable video is out of scope. Tilt control is and stabilization is a nice to have (2D).

While I was researching my purchases I came upon the Tarot Rabbit Invincible 2D full size gimbal (sounds like a winner).

I should have realized it was too good to be true. I like the build and the look but the description (which is unintelligible, doesn't meantion how to control it. 

It uses a belt drive and continuous (360) servo motors). I have no idea how to control these from my Pixhawk. 


1) Direct control using the servo option in the gimbal panel in Mission Control will not work with 360 servos. The PX outputs an angle and that translates to a rotation speed. Not very useful.

2) Replacing the servos with "standar" servos (the ones in the gimbal are normal size) will work, but will only give me a rotation of 45 degrees due to the 4:1 belt drive. Not very useful.

What would you do?

1) I have a smaller brushless gimbal I build (as much to learn as to use) and it uses a STORM32 controller. Is there a way to get the STORM32 to control servos? I realize it will be slow but it will be strong and I can manage the tilt. Dum idea?

2) Hack the gimbal to accept brushless motors - any idea what rating of BL motors I need to a 1.36g camera?

3) Stop dicking around and go buy a proper gimbal and start taking photos. A full size servo gimbal would work fine.


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