Tarot 960, Anyone getting good flight times ?

Set up is getting limited flight times and I only just get in the air and start to set up my shots and it is coming down.

Please throw me a line for help to improve this situation.

T960mm, 1755" props, 4114 320KV Tarot motors, 2x6000MAh 6s 25C Tattu batt, 40A XRotor hobbywing ESC's, EZUHF Long Range Radio, GREMSY H3 Gimbal, Sony a6000, RDF900x Telemetry.   

Hi everyone I have the above Hexacopter and it is getting really poor flight time, I only get 7mins flying and I have sunk everything I have into the last two builds and both have come up short to lift my camera gear.  Surely I shouldn't be so far off with a set up like this to carry a small Sony a6000 and Gremsy H3 gimbal?  I don't know where to from here any help for getting the flight time up would be really appreciated.




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