TCP/IP connection in Mission Planner

I've had my pixhawk connected to APM Planner 2 in Ubuntu via TCP/IP with no issues.  However I just got a different laptop, and I'm trying to connect to Mission Planner over TCP/IP.

When I try, it begins to list parameters ("got param xxxxxxx") and then starts to show things like "Already Got param xxxxxxxx"  The telemetry values update while this is going on.  Eventually it brings me to a connection failed screen.

I've tried different connection speeds, and reinstalling MP.  Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a solution?

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  • Hey! Apologies for not getting back sooner. When I get to a real computer I'll give you the rundown of the hardware and how I made it work. I was on vacation for the last few days so I'm just getting back to the real world :)
    • I'd really appreciate that man, just drop me a line whenever. :D

      • So I'm currently using a Raspberry Pi computer to handle both video and telemetry.  The Raspberry Pi has a serial port built in on the GPIO connector (a quick search can grant you the pinouts).  You also have to disable the system's use of it before it can be utilized for anything else.  Again, google is your friend here.

        For my wifi link, I'm hosting a wifi hotspot in Ubuntu using ap-hotspot.  This needs to be in infrastructure mode, and can not be ad-hoc.  The reason being is that you need to have an IP address assigned.  My laptop has a "Gemini Doctor" wifi adapter, which is the same as a "Signal King" model.  It has a directional antenna, and I'll need to set up a tracking antenna for it to get max range.  Onboard the copter I'm using an ALFA AWUS036NHA adapter.  The NHRV2 did not like the raspberry pi, though it is more powerful.

        The telemetry pinouts are available for the Pixhawk, so I just soldered a cable together.

        I did solve the issue in my original post though - I used "Ctrl-T" to connect, and managed to get telemetry.  However I have a new issue - telemetry over this link gives me attitude, altitude, battery information, and it seems everything else EXCEPT gps position or information.  I'm not sure why it isn't getting it, but it's not.  I can also send and update MOST parameters, but not gimbal servo setup.  So I need a USB cable to update my servo settings and also to get GPS position.  It's interesting because if I click the map and say "point camera here" it will attempt to do so, however I don't get any feedback other than what I see on my screen.

        I am unsure how to fix that issue :(  But I hope it helps to get you up and running over TCP/IP.  I'm assuming the same can be done with a 3G radio on the Pi as well :)

        • Hey again!

          Wow, there is a bit going on there. I've actually been in the process of establishing a PPP link over MAVLink modules, which I finally got working over the last few days. I really appreciate you telling me about your setup though, sounds interesting!

          All the best mate, good luck with the GPS issue, I'm sorry but there's not too much help I could offer there.


          • Hello. I'm on a similar research. I'm trying to use my MCU with 802.11 capabilities etc as the telemetry module that will link my APM 2 to mission planner through TCP (preferably). The unit has serial UART modes and other features as well. I'm a bit confused right now as to how i'm going to connect it to pass the data from the APM 2 to the PC. It's going to be a PPP link so i have to use wifi direct? Could you share your knowledge a bit on what you did to make this work roughly? It would really help man. Thanks in advance!

            • The telemetry radio is just a wireless serial port, so if you connect your serial ports to your APM 2 as seen in this picture, you should be just fine!


              I'm not sure how you set up your MCU, but in mission planner I just connect to the IP address and port that my serial stream is on, and it comes up no problem :)  

          • No prob!  And I solved my issue this evening:

            By mistake I had "XONXOFF" instead of "-XONXOFF" in my ser2net configuration file.  No idea what it was doing with that, but I was supposed to have it disabled.  One character caused so many headaches!

            Now I get full telemetry just as though I connected via USB :D

  • Hey Ryan,

    I was just wondering if I might be able to have a chat to you about the hardware you're using for TCP/IP telemetry connections, tried google-ing but its not yielding to many results. I'm trying to gather some info for my research project at uni.


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