Hi everyone,

  This time we brought you with our TE-01, a 360 degree scanning LiDAR. It is a serious LiDAR! It scans 360 degree at 2.8Hz, giving 1000 readings per second. It can be used in both indoors and outdoors! This means you can use it for SLAM and obstacle avoidance.


    15m detection range 

    1,000 points per second 

    360° Horizontal FOV 

    100 grams module weight in total 

    Resistance to the ambient light (work normally under 50k Lux ambient light, can stand 100kLux) 

    Low Power Consumption 

    Cost Effective


Now available on our ebay, just search Benewake, you can get all products listed.



Our official site is http://www.benewake.com/en.html

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