Telemetry link and video over 3G/4G and hosting it on server via web app

Dear all,

I am working on a project where I need to get video stream and telemetry link over 3G/4G network and then host it over internet so that anybody who is logged in can see.

For telemetry link we use our own navstik ( board and send it via receiver transmitter.I found a way using raspberry pi but we don't use it. For video we would be using odroid u3. So how can I get telemetry link using navstik and video stream over 3G/4G network.

Right now skydrones uses a method but it uses beaglebone black.

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Please help me,

I am in dire need of this.

I have got some similar work one to establish communication between APM and odroid  or Rpi and seperate method to establish UDP connection.

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