telemetry not functioning properly

my telemetry modules are not working properly. i am using 433mhz telemetry module, apm 2.8. many times when i try to connect them mission planer shows "No Heartbeat Packet Recieved" and then they are not connected. many times their connection break very frequently. what should i do?

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  • in MP flight data page right down there is a case labelled tuning, once you click on it it will bring up another popup window, double click that window and tick rssi and remrssi

  • Paul Meier said:

    guess one radio is dead try to monitor the signal with MP tuning

    Can you please explain MP tuning

  • guess one radio is dead try to monitor the signal with MP tuning

  • Well if the connection had never worked i would tell you to fix the baud rate to 57600.. but as i understood from you, the connection is working and not working sometimes.. or just break up.. so i guess you have a problem in the wires.. check the small pins try to solder them quite well
    This happenes to me when im mooving alot my telemetry from plance to place on the drone.. this will make the pins to become weak and disconnect for a second or so and this will make the connection break up

    PS: if your not good at soldering try to buy a new cable and i hope this helps you
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