Has any found a good temp/humidty sensor and logger that can be used to create a atmospheric trace? I am looking also to figure out how to calculate wind speed. I have direction (from GPS)airsped and gnd speed being used in the Ardupilot, so I assume its possible to create a windspeed log..


I am just starting out with ardupilot so pullings ideas togther.


Looking to have a UAV to do the atmospheric trace for gliding comps instead of using Pawnee which is expensive.





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Don't you think they might forbid you flying amongst gliders above 200m AGL?
How are you going to handle that?
We are OK with that aspect. The project is not in the USA
I am trying to understand the use case.
I have a bird that can do the job, but the overall idea... even 2kg styrofoam into glider's canopy sounds uncomfortable. Or am I wrong?

BTW in the US it would be 121m=400ft.

Dont get hung up on that. The use case is that the UAV is sent up early morning around 6am, well before there is any noticeable boundary layer (ground surface) heating. There are no aircraft in the air at that stage. We have the relevant govt authorities involved. This is a fairly serious project.

I have 25 years in R/C and compete interntionaly in F3F (slope race). The aircraft side is all good. Its the instrumentation and control aspect that I am still coming to grips with, hence the questions posed.

Thank you for your interest


I am asking because I am an autopilot maker and we are preparing a pro platform. I have used all the sensors mentioned but not all at once on the same platform: http://www.vimeo.com/5653802

Do you need realtime transmission of the data? Who will do plotting tools?
Is it advantageous/possible to fly a real plane 3hrs later rather than flying UAV earlier?
Its the cost of using a full size plane that is the issue. Its costs about $300 to do temp trace in a full size aircraft and usually this is only to a few thousand feet. It takes time to get the plane out early and climb to 10,000 feet and return.

No we do not need realtime transmission. What we need is a log to capture

GPS Altitude
Relative Humidity
Gnd Speed

From this data we can post flight calc:

Wind Speed
Wind Direction

1 plot per second on all paramters is required

The earlier the better. The atmosphere needs to be plotted prrior to the sun's heating staring to disturb the air masses and their boundaries. Before sunrise is best (not dark).

I am looking to have a UAV with a substantial climb rate, the whole exercise to climb to 10,000 feet and back should take no longer than 20 mins. Sustainable 2000+' feet/minute climb rate should not be an issue with latest generation LipO and brushless motors

More than happy to have you involved in the project in whatever way you wish to contribute. I have so aquired an ArduPilot and FMA sensors and a few bits and pieces, but these are just seem as abinitio investments to get the feel of things.

In time, we need to build/acquire about 20 units for the various competition gliding clubs in Australia.

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