Terminal Screen - Is this a Problem?

3 year old 3DR Y6 kit with APM2.6, two crashes in that time, but cannot seem to get it back to stable.  I noticed that in terminal mode, after connect, it displays "ublox" then garbage keeps being displayed.  Not sure if the GPS/Compass took the brunt of both crashes, or what.  In flight it tends to roll left.  I am starting at the beginning (re-flash firmware to 3.2.1), calibrate, etc.

Does anyone know from the photo perhaps the culprit on the garbage it keeps reading out?




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  • That is normal. Terminal was removed after 3.1.5.

  • T3

    Make sure in the terminal window you have APM selected, not Pixhawk.

    • Yup, tried it again being sure it was APM, and the garbage keeps coming.  Thanks.


      • T3

        Hmm you made sure you weren't connected over mavlink first, right?  It needs to be disconnected and cycle power before you hit it up with the terminal.

        • Broke for lunch, disconnected the copter.  After I saw your reply, connected the copter to the laptop, went straight to Terminal, and connected.  More of the same stuff.

          Thanks, Nelson

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