Test the minimOSD without an APM

Is there a way to test a minimOSD without connecting it to an APM?

A while back I bricked an APM when I (I think) switched the power while plugging in my MinimOSD (+ -> -). Now, the APM has been replaced but I would like to test the minimOSD before plugging it into the new APM. I'm guessing it is fried also, but I may have bricked the APM another way, so I would like to try to test the OSD to see if it is salvageable  The last thing I want to do is brick the new APM with a screwed up minimOSD (if that's even possible).



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  • I actually wanted to know the answer to this. Too bad no one answered you. I'm currently sitting here with two MinimOSDs--a jDrones and a 3DRobots and neither one works. The 3DR I think I destroyed by overheating it when soldering the jumpers, and then the jDrones now has a corrupted bootloader, though I don't think it even worked before that happened. 

    Did you ever figure it out?

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