My company has been expanding. Every weekend taken up with work. The expansion is complete (or complete enough) and I can refocus on my Hexacopter. Finally a open Sunday.

Been looking at this Hexa setting on my workbench for 3 months. Trying to figure it out and understand the MP. ESC's, compassmods, OSD's, pids, controllers, transmitters, receivers, drivers, endless upgrades, on and on and on...


This week I promised myself to get this thing figured out enough to at least get it in the air and safely fly some test runs.


First this this morning I...

1. Installed latest MP and 3.0.1 to APM
2. Modified pids
3. Installed, flashed MinimOSD
4. Installed FPV Cam and built harness to MinimOSD and FatShark.
5. Setup FatShark Goggles
6. Calibrated ESC's
7. Calibrated DX8 Radio
8. Fixed reversed control issue on Spektrum DX8
9. Calibrated DX8 again
10. Checked pids
11. Hauled notebook and all gear outside to acquire GPS and final setup.


Powered up. Took off. Went up 25'. Flew back and forth around the yard. Tested Stabilize, Loiter and Land mode. Ran out of juice. Ran back to the shop for more batteries. "Rinse and repeat"!

Some close calls but never ran into anything and no crashes.

(2) 10 minute sessions, the fastest 20 minutes of my life, What a HOOT!

Next up, hone flying skills and work on ground station.


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It is fun, but I suggest you forget the FPV & fatshark for now. Focus on getting consistent uncomplicated flights for now, within easy line of sight. Things will arise that will take some time to figure out. You don't want that happening with your copter 500 meteres away!

Good luck


Strangely enough, the FatShark goggles spent most of the time on the table. I would look through them from time to time while in Loiter for GPS and elevation info. I felt more comfortable without them though. The wind was blowing a little and take off was impossible at level with the FatShark on.

Your right, consistent flight now, FatShark comes later.

- John

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