Hello DIYDers,

We have been working with some of the most challenging mapping projects and hold an experienced team who carry out regular survey work. We specialize in going large area mapping. The biggest single area we have done was about 450 sq. km. and was completed in a span of 15 days of flying, 5 days of Planning and about countless hours of processing. We have custom made UAVs that fly that long with reliability to help us achieve such goals. DIYD has been a great resource for us and constant inspiration to continuously trying out new stuffs.
Having considerably doing work with the fixed wings, we now have been considering an option to build the ultimate Mapping Copter and are looking to take view from all the experienced builders here.
Requirements and Features:
- Ultra portable
- Practical Flight time over 20 min
- Redundancy in case of Failure (Mostly a Hex or Y6)
- Payload Sony A6000
- Reliability - no down time
These machines will be used in carrying out quick one day project in remote areas. Following is what we are considering:

Would be great if we can get more suggestions from people here.

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