With all of the bad press "Drones" have been getting lately I was thinking someone should come up with a catchy name for all of the "other drones".  The good drones that, hopefully, someday will be assisting scientists and engineers to do their jobs or help farmers assess their fields...  The good drones that might be first on the scene to find a missing person or find hot spots for firefighters...  The good drones that hardly ever make it on the front page of the press... Something simple and not another acronym is what I was thinking.  The first thing that came to mind was "UnDrone".  Which made me thing of the phrase "DIY Drones, The UnDrone".  That reminded me of the movement that 7up started back in the day so I searched Google and found this http://www.7up.com/page/history/.  The UnDrone doesn't have to be tied to the DIY Drones Community or any single autopilot.  I knew this was a large community so I thought I would throw this out here.  I guess I was just thinking that we need to start UNdoing the damage that the media has caused.

Just my thoughts... UnDrone might not be the best name, but I figured it could start a good conversation about this issue...


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Now go for the t-shirts and coffee mugs..


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