Theoretical Build: Looking for Opinion on the Possibility

So as the title states this build is just theoretical and I am only looking for some input as to how possible it is and where to look for more information.  I am not looking for anyone to hold my hand through the build or for anyone to spit out all the legal or safety issues with it.  If you are going to tell me anything about the legalities involved or why I am going to kill someone in the process than please just save it.  Money is also not to be factored in to the discussion.


  • Unlimited signal range via 3G or LTE data network
  • Enough battery power to go maybe 50 miles @ between 1-3 thousand ft.  (This can include possibility of solar panels to help)
  • Telemetry through either same or separate 3G or LTE
  • Redundancy of signal using two different carriers  (Example: AT&T and Verizon) (two with towers placed in locations that benefit the others weak points along my flight path)  I will do this research later)
  • If gasoline is more likely to achieve the end goal, I am completely open to that as well
  • possible seperate 3G or LTE data for video link
  • redundancies, redundancies, REDUNDANCIES!!!  (any possible)
  • Im sure I will add more to this as time goes on.

Again, I am completely aware of the reasons why this is not a good idea and why it is illegal and everything else.  This is for a proof of concept project and educational purposes only.  It will be tested but only after filing for FAA permission in a designated testing area.

I have seen this demonstrated on a video a while back.  The gentleman had used a cellular connection to remotely operate his quadcopter so I know that part is possible...  I am mainly looking for the discussion and peoples opinions on which equipment to look in to.  Thank you to anyone who participates.

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  • I would go with some long low drag wings with winglets and canards like the Rutan built long flyers. Use 2 small motors instead of one big one but go with bigger props

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