I only know a little about quadcopter motors, and there is a question about my motor's thrust. I bought 4 pcs 2305 2450KV motors from a motor online shop, and I got a thrust data on their motor details, but my fridens said the thrust data probably is wrong, they should at least 1100g/1200g, but he is not sure.So what do you think of this motor thrust data? is this data right or wrong?

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On my data table,  it shows prop: 5040; volt is 15V, thrust is 935, I don't know what  critical details do you want to know?
iSkyMaster said:

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There is no way anyone can tell you if the data is correct or not.

If the company that manufactured the motors did proper testing of the thrust of the motor than the values should hold with +/- 5 to 10% tolerance.

The table you have provided is missing critical details so this means it's all nonsense. A proper motor data looks like this.

Motor Specs

It shows battery type to use, prop size which basically determines thrust ratio.

When it comes to motors never go cheap (if you can afford it). Our Chinese manufacturer friends will give you all kinds of data and there is no way you can say there provided data is valid or just a copy paste of another manufacturer.

The few good motor manufacturer that I trust are:

1. T-Motors (watch out for fakes) buy directly from them.

2. Scorpion

Scorpion even provides you a tool. Check this link Scorpion Calc v3.67 

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