Throttle Control on ardupilot

Hi all,Not sure if im the right place or if this information is somewhere else that i havnt seen yet....but?OK did all my testing on an easystar, got it all working in Tx on the floor watching my easy drift happily around the sky whilst rolling a cigarette.....height, speed, Alt, all goodtransfered the whole shabang over to the Actaul UAV, ok many changes required in teh setup, but the principles are all the same...However......In the new UAV,a) its much fasterb) its much more agile (In a non vague floaty easystar way)On the ground it throttles up in WP mode..but..heres the big the air, the throttle deos not work AT ALL!Checked the .h file found the M/S setting, changed from 22 to 50 as this is closer to the cruising speed...Get the UAV up , switch to WP mode, then nothing, just this protracted glide with no power, manual again ...fine....shes navigating & stabilising, but no throttle control.Is my board having a spaz...?have i knackered something in teh code?Have i calibrated it wrong or something?Is anyone else having this problem?I did kinda run this by Chris, but maybe its something others are experiencing?Any thoughts guys?regards,Mike.

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  • Developer
    I had a question about the throttle code. The PI loop outputs a percent for throttle, but the throttle_max values used to constrain is a PWM value of 1800. Is this a mistake?

    throttle_output = constrain(throttle_output, 0, throttle_max);
    throttle_output = constrain(throttle_output, 0, 1800);

    throttle_output is sent directly to pulse_servo_0 and limited to 100;

    void pulse_servo_0(long porcent)//Will convert the angle to the equivalent servo position...
  • Hi Doug,

    Yes every time, im wondering if i have done summet stupid to my ardu to be honest, we get allot of odd behaviours, i do have another AP board, might put that in (I think i gave this one a hard time learning)

    To add insult to injury, its been persisting down all day here....when it did stop raining for a short while it was so damp i didnt dare test it, after the problems i had with sensors and damp last time...

    I really hate the UK weather!!!!! In fact we are thinking of moving everything to Italy in the next year or so,, a few things have to come to an end first then were free to move...sun and warmth!!! sounds

    Is there a way to offset teh -276 on the senor?

    if not i will have to continue to use teh 231 version...

    To be fair, trhe errors are rarely in Jordies code, its normally muppetry on behalf of the user (me)

  • Hi Guus,

    yes this is what i wa wondering....but i changed from 2.2.... to 2.3.1v yesterday, copied all setting accross, took off, found the roll pitch were reversd, landed, reversed them again....and it was fine....the h file is being read....

    the worst thing, is.....its pooring with rain!.....HOW FRUSTRATING!!!!!!, dont know if it is in holland, but i soo need to get this bit sorted..

    OK, will have another go this morning, and see if is summet stoopid....i do have a few spare boards, might try one of those see if there is a hardware fault....but runnnig out of ideas now...

    Thanks for staynig with me on this... its now driving me NUTS......


  • T3
    Hi Mike,

    If you connect the FTDI cable to the ardu and install the ground station software on your computer,
    Then you can read the airspeed from the ground station when you blow in to the pitot.
    This helped me one time when the throttle was not responding the right way,found that the sensor returned a airspeed of -950 m/s

  • 3D Robotics
    This could be a lot of things, but the first thing I'd check is if your throttle channel is reversed on this aircraft/RC setup.
  • Also, just came to mind, when checking the telemetry down....

    I noticed that the throttle setpoint was not fluctuating in the way that it did on the easy.....

    might be nothing ..might be everything.....

    ah and ....the other change was no pitot tube on the easy, on the UAV it is quite long??? mean anything?

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