Throttle dropouts with APM2.5 and FS-TH9X

Hi guys,

Had my first catastrophic crash today (broke an arm, a motor, and my pride). 

During the last moments of the flight, the low power buzzer went off just as I was switching to loiter mode. Tried to get it back in stabilize and crashed. I assumed it was a low power failure, but I see that in the logs, I went into a low-throttle RTL failsafe 4 times during the course of the flight. Any guesses as to what may have caused this? Suggestions for diagnostics? Receiver, transmitter, power brownouts?

Maybe I'm using some bad practices:

my channel 6 is connected to a pot with 6 modes on it, so I have to scroll through them to change.

I haven't gotten a cable yet, so i'm flying without mission planner

I don't have voltage/current monitoring on my APM, just a little buzzer set for 10.6V (3S)

Including my dataflashlog.



2014-03-17 21-10-16_32.log

2014-03-17 21-10-16_32.kmz

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