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My quads flying well after being built last week - I'm using Pixhawk with it but I seem to have a problem with the throttle - I'm constantly having to adjust the throttle as the quad will not stay in a hover - with the same throttle it will start to hover then after 30 seconds will start to drop (no change in throttle) - then I have to increase throttle to get it back to the hover position then decrease throttle to keep it there unti it drops again

The throttle on the tx does not seem to have the range of adjustment needed as its onle click between hover and overpowered - is there anyway to make the throttle power curve a bit more flexible so that I can stop the quad from constantly needing adjustment to try and achieve a hover?

No complaint hers though - that was my second day flying a quad and for a home built with no prior experience this worked great - 3dr telemetry - FPV etc all working very well

any help would be great



Mark B



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  • What is the mode you're flying in?  If this is stabilize, it's supposed to be like this. You can enable "expo" on your transmitter to smooth out your curve. This sort of explains it:

    Make sure you test for proper output when you do this, getting it the wrong way around is going to make it hard to fly.

    When you use loiter, it will automatically maintain altitude. If you put it into position hold you need to control altitude with throttle yourself:

    If this is the first time you're flying, it's great you have so much response for your stick inputs, you'll like it later. The first couple of flights, due to nervous breakdowns seem like it's way less under control as it should be. as your experience increases, it will feel more natural.

    • Hi - thanks for the response - yes it is in stabilise mode - and if this is normal then thats ok with me - it was only my second flight so I am very inexperienced at the moment - I hadnt heard of expo at all so I will certainly adjust things a bit - I'll see how it goes this weekend before trying other modes - as you say I had too many nervous breakdowns already when flying lol - loiter does sound cool though so I will try this when IM happy with stab mode



      Mark B


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