throttle response too high


My copter flies pretty stable except i find it hard to find a position on the throttle stick that makes the copter stay at the same height. Its kind of either going slowly up or slowly down and seems to never stop. Ill make it stay for 1-2 seconds but then i have to correct it by adding a tiny bit of throttle and it "overshoots" upwards. It seems to be the same downward.

Is there a recommended PID to change for this? (3dr frame,the standard yellow escs and red motors)

I can hold it for many many 5 seconds within +-0.5-1 meter heigh before i have to adjust the throttle, so its not a big problem just a bit scared to activate alt hold when it should be stable before you go into that mode.

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  • You didn't mention which transmitter you have, but most newer transmitters have the possibility of a throttle curve.

    My Jdrones quad wirh the 880 KV motors was the same. My new throttle curve solved this problem for me.

    0:0, 25:40, 50:50, 75:60, 100:100. Puts a low slope section in the middle of the stick movement, My motors are around 4000rpm at hover.

     hope this helps.

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