Throttle weirdness on arduplane 2.26/ apmplanner 1.1.2 vs. normal on 2.24/1.0.88


Things are fine with the old combination of arduplane 2.24/ APM planner 1.0.88

With arduplane 2.26/ apmplanner 1.1.1 or .2, I can't get throttle settings to work.

Have gone through reflash/reconfig cycle a couple of times and always the same.


Manual throttle works OK.

In RTL/Auto modes I would expect it to throttle up, to try to climb from the bench (with no prop :) ) at the preset throttle limits in the settings screens (eg. 75% max).

In 2.24 lifes great, everything works as before, I can change modes to RTL say, and it will throttle up to the correct limit and be happy.

In 2.26, can have half throttle manual, on switching to RTL/auto, throttles to stop always.

I have tried inverting throttle settings (wasn;t needed in 2.24) and it goes to maximum throttle with the throttle limits settings having no effect - tending to indicate that it's in the same mode as before, just inverted.

Did I miss anything obvious? - been through the flash/reset/reconfig cycle a few times and always the same..

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One of the changes in 2.25 (I think) was this:

Add code to disable throttle if we are on the ground and in FBW_B or higher.
We believe we are on the ground if speed < 5 and alt < 5.  Also check that we are not trying to perform a takeoff.
deweibel authored September 27, 2011

That would do it ! -

I'll load the latest and greatest and see what it does in the air...

Thanks for the quick reply..

You could just add a takeoff command to your mission, that should override it, so after a reset switching to Auto it should fire up the motor.

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