Hi. I am using APM 2.0 for arduplane. During autopilot function, the thrust was sometimes increased and sometimes decreased by APM. Actually I could not understand why and how the APM increases (or decreases) the thrust. Is there any nominal airspeed coded in APM? I am also looking for a way to control this thrust control function with ground testing. I will be glad if someone helps me. Note: I am using airspeed sensor.

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If you are using the airspeed sensor, then the throttle is used for altiude control.  Techinically, it is used for total energy control, but you can think of it as altitude control.  Nominal airspeed is set as a parameter.

Hi Doug thanks for your reply. I guess I understand how it works. By the way, I tried my airspeed sensor with another sensor, which is measuring right. I realized that mine was broken :).

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