Tips for DIY (exceed Mavic spec)


I'm new to quads but I've done quite a few months of research on the components and programming, and am quite keen on now spending some money to build my own quad.

Obviously my research will not compare to the experience you guys collectively have up your sleeve so i was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers as to what components (and specs) I should look at purchasing for my build / spare myself a handful of costly mistakes I would otherwise no doubt make ?

The goal is to build something that achieves the following:

  1. can be built for $AUD 400-600, rather than a) buy a Mavic PRO ($1500 AUD) or  b) buy a Phantom 4 Pro, both of which are quite pricey.
  2. can fly up 7km or more, like the DJI's
  3. similar size to the mavic when folded up (exclude props) - I'm hoping to design something more portable than a phantom - i'm also planning to 3D print my own frame and reinforce folding joints
  4. 3-axis brushless gimbal + a hi quality camera (for photography and video capture)
    1. can i use this same camera for a live feed to my Radio controller?
    2. can i control the gimbal via my Radio? - that would be amazing.
  5. I want to have the following sensors: (can Pixhawk accommodate all of these on the one board?)
    1. down optical flow
    2. forward sensor
    3. left sensor
    4. right sensor
    5. rear sensor
  7. Can have a redundant battery for extended flight/ fly for longer than 30 minutes (though this will make the whole thing less efficient - I'm keen on advice for what has been tried and tested, and what seems to be the ideal balance of Flight Time VS Weight, with components available today)
  8. additional servo for retractable landing gear (I presume i need to have a decent Radio with additional channels to accommodate these functions)

Please let me know what you guys think, and how realistic this configuration might be. For the budget i have I would be very appreciative of your any help on what list of components you might recommend to build this?

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