Tips for Mounting Electronics in a Quad/Multicopter

I spend a lot of time trying to figure an intelligent way to mount the electronics in my first quad. 

I thought the community might have some tips and tricks for mounting electronics in multicopters in general. If you have have discovered clever ways to mount electronics, I'd appreciate your posting a pic for inspiration.

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  • Hi Marty, How are you going with it all? 

    I mount everything with velcro. It seems to work really well and I think it offers good vibration dampening too. I only get the good stuff and have never had any issues with it coming loose. 


  • One one of my quads, I am using some standoffs from GoodLuckBuy that are m3 threaded posts bonded into a soft rubber central spacer. Easy and cheap. On my other, I have o-rings between the machine screw head and the washer, one between the washer and the board, and then the same setup on the washer and post on the other side. On one, the posts go to a board that sits on industrial velcro and the other is just bolted directly to the frame. Both seem to work equally well.
  • Hi Marty

    I went low tech and used a clip lid plastic food container.  I mounted the lid on the frame with rubber mounts holding the board in place to give it some insulation from vibration.  I drilled a hole in the side of the container base with another O ring for the wiring to ESC and receiver. Hope that helps.


  • I used some assorted rubber grommets which I got a radio shack to pad the APM2.5. The only problem is the 3mm bolts i used are too precisely machined and the vibration spun their nuts free.

    I'm considering loctite, but I'm also considering a bead of hot-glue.

    Has anyone tried hot-glue? My theory is that it will absorb the vibration thus preventing the nuts from working loose, but be far easier to pick-off to make configuration changes.

  • I use O rings from Home Depot stretched to some aluminum standoffs. Seems to isolate the board pretty well.
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