Hello, i'm pretty much a noob in choosing new/better parts for my quadcopter and need a bit of help. But first, I have my Quad for around a year now, and I would say I can fly pretty good.

The Quad consist of:

  • Hobbyking X580 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame
  • Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board
  • NTM Prop Drive 28-30S 800KV / 300W Brushless Motor
  • Afro ESC 30Amp

OK i need new motors now, because I once crashed and bent a shaft of one of my motors, and also I have bad bearings on another motor.

I already looked for motors, and found two motors who look pretty good, but I actually want your opinion on the motors.

The first one is the Turnigy Multistar 2216-800Kv ( http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store  /uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=39037 ). THe problem is that thats a "China Motor" and I don't know how accurate are the specs on the page. (This is 17€ with probably 7€ shipping)

The second motor is more expensive, its the T-Motor MS2814 KV770 ( https://www.aerolab.de/brushless-motoren/t-motor-ms/t-motor-ms2814-... ). Its more expesive but I read a lot of good things about T-Motors. They are 32€ each and free shipping from a German(!) reseller.

I know its a wide price range, but I didn't find any good motors around 25€.

I hope someone could help me, I really have no Idea what to do and I want to fly stable again(The vibrations confuse the FC).

Thanks in advance.

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