• Looks awesome! I will give it a try once your custom software makes into the next official release of tradheli firmware.

    Do you have any info on how you added a governor?, or are you not running one at all but instead a throttle curve?



    • I believe he's added a throttle curve.  You could also use standard ESC mode with an external governor.

      Open Loop throttle control is now supported in AC3.3.2 for TradHeli.  This should be going stable shortly. (hopefully about 2 weeks).

      I currently have an internal governor working, which should hopefully make it into AC3.4 in a couple months.

      • Hi Rob,

          For internal governor to work you will need RPM sensor. Which one do yo use?


        • Basically any hall effect sensor will work.  I am using an FrSky sensor.  It plugs directly into Aux5 channel, which is configfured as an input.

      • That's correct, it's flying on throttle curve, but mine is slightly different from the official one which will be in 3.3.2, it's a sort of 3 points (easily expandable to 5) , so Hovering point (corresponding to the half throttle stick position to fine adjust the power required in loiter-althold) lowest point and highest point. So you can have both a V-shaped curve or linear (like idle-up / normal) and I added a simple function to take account of tail rotor variable load to keep constant RPM as much as possible.

        But I tried with a Governor too, GV1 and StatorGator, both are quite good once fine tuned.

        Robert, currently I am working at the turbine code, in my case i'm dealing with a two stage turboshaft, so I made a code with 3 "conditions" for power management:

        1)GPU in off position;

        2) GPU start up sequence --> ground idle;

        3) flight idle (which works on the throttle curve above mentioned);

        since it's a twin stage ground idle will be around 400-500 rpm, so main rotor spinning (different from the "clutch turbines" like Graupner PHT3 and PHT 2).

        In the governor code you are developing, where will be the RPM pick-up mounted? main mast or engine shaft? I would like to finalize the turbine code with the governor function as well . 

        • Ferruccio, currently it is all based on rotor shaft RPM.  There is an open-loop idle setpoint that is used when you are armed, but rotor power is not engaged.

          In future, I would like to expand the concept to have engine RPM, and you would program in an actual engine idle rpm, and it would maintain it in closed-loop.

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