To ESC or not to ESC (Ardupilot 2.6 for XUAV Talon)

hi everyone, pretty new to building electronics but I'm building a Talon XUAV with APM 2.6. I have an 1150 Kv motor, a 70A SBEC and four servo's to connect to my APM and a Futaba R3008SB Rx. If I connect my SBEC to my APM then to my 1150Kv motor this controls the motor but when I connect my four servo's I can connect the directly to my APM without the need fo esc's can't I?I hear people talking about using esc's on servo's but unless I want to control the speed of their function is this necessary for me?Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  • Basically my question is do I need ESC on each servo? I only got one ESC, it is a SBEC 70A for my out runner brushless motor. I thought ESC was only for the control of speed on brushless motors!
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