I have two transmitters on my plane already.  A 900Mhz 1000mw, for photography downlink. And a 2.4Ghz Piloting downlink.

(I'm using the Scherrer LRS system for control, 433Mhz)


So the question I need answered is if I can use my current transmitters with the ArdupilotMega?


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APM will work with any digital radio module that can accept TTL (5v) serial input.  Your video module is just analog, so that won't work, and I don't know what you mean by a  "2.4Ghz Piloting downlink" nor "Scherrer LRS system" so I can't answer for them.

Thomas Scherrer makes a Long Range System.  433Mhz diversity RC reciever and a 7Watt booster.

Correct my terminology if Im incorrect calling things downlinks and such.

Its basically two FPV systems on the plane.  One to fly, the other for photography.

Yes, the Scherrer will work. Please refer to the manual on how to connect APM to your scherrer receiver.

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