Too aggresive in pos hold


My APM 2.5 copter is whery stable in flight, but is trying compensate to much in GPS hold (twitchy).

Which params should I alter to get a more stable (lazy) hold?



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  • Which GPS are you guys using?

    Emile Castelnuovo was actually looking into this issue with the Mtek recently, and found the problem was that the Mtek is actually not reporting with cm precision, but only dm precision. So when you turn up the gains to try and actually get it to hold position in a small space, it just becomes very jumpy.

    But even the Ublox can suffer from this when tuning it up for aggressive hold. They don't jump around, but are very "busy".

    I think both of these issues might be fixed to some degree by trying to tune with less Loiter P, and more I-term. I haven't gotten around to testing it however.
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    This is a known problem, although some people don't have it, which may (or may not) be attributable to using the new Ublox GPS rather than the standard Mediatek. It wasn't present in earlier versions but not much interest has been shown in getting rid of it again.

  • I have the same question, any input would be appreciated. 3DR quad with default params is rock steady in all modes, but twitchy in loiter.


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