Too sensitive throttle in Arducopter Hexa & Spektrum DX-8


I am a novice and just bought a ready to fly Arducopter Hexa 3DR couple of weeks back and having problems with throttle settings. They are too sensitive. full power comes at approx. 3 if you assume Throttle has scale of 0-10. My friend has crashed it from mid air (approx. 200 feet) because small movement on throttle and hexa was getting wild and moving away and he says it was not responding to controls and it seems in a panic he move the throttle down to zero for few seconds and crashed landed breaking few props and motors. We have now got new motors and props.


I have noticed in testing on the ground without props installed that if throttle is in zero position for few seconds, hexa goes unarmed and I feel that crashed was result of that. My friend may have put throttle down to zero for few seconds and it was unarmed midair.


How to change settings that it should not unarmed itself?

How to change throttle setting that 100% power comes when the throttle is at 10 if scale was 1-10?

I tried to change throttle curve and cut but found out setting was inhibited and since I did not understand why it was in that state  I thought it is always better to ask Experts.


please suggest how to go about it?

best regards from India



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  • The 3DR hex is my first exposure to flying any R/C model, but learning to fly it was a challenge.  I turned it into a lawn dart more than once.  It is very sensitive to throttle inputs when the aircraft is light - no camera, one battery - as it's likely overpowered.

    Since I've learned to be very light on the throttle, the beast seems to be tamed.

    Don't panic.

  • I too fly a hex, only with a DX7.  I'd suggest you repeat the step for radio setup and make sure it is working correctly.   It is number 1 under the heading Setup Steps.

    Setting your expo on the radio only affects the inputs made by the pilot, not the auto pilot.  Turning it on won't hurt anything.

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