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    So just to clear this up, it's moved and it's a little harder to get to but it's still there.  Check out the top middle part of the DIYDrones page.  There's Photos, Videos and now Leaderboard.  Click on Leaderboard and you'll see the top 5.


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    I suspect it's just happened 'cuz of a change in Ning or something.  I've emailed Chris & Craig and hopefully they can get it back in operation.

  • I guess it looks bad when all of the top content links to safety concerns.  o_O

  • Only way to find Top Contest, start from leaders board. It is little bit annoying :-(

  • Also when I scroll down in discussions it gets to a point and starts to loop back on itself. (browsing on my phone)
  • It's been gone for a few weeks. I thought you guys had ditched it.
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    It's not just you. I also just noticed that the top content section is missing.

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