Hello, everybody, I am Linda from TopXGun shanghai, recently TopXGun launch RTK equipment for industrial drone, detailed information for your refer.

Mobile Base Station: which is installed on ground
1.Powerful Data Link
The differential system adopts data link of 10,000 power to make the transmission distance longer. When flying close to the ground (<100m) the transmission distance can be 2000 to 3000m; when flying in the high sky (>300m), the transmission distance can reach over 10000m. In addition, the data link also has high anti-interference ability, so it is very stable and reliable with low BER.

2.One-to-many working mode
The ground-terminal data link can support several on board data links to transfer and receive flight data at the same time. Several aircraft can use the same base station for RTK differential positioning at the same time, so as to achieve the cm-level precise flight.

3.Mobile base station
The ground-terminal differential system is portable to meet the operation requirements of the users in different regions.

D-GPS module: install on aircraft (double antenna)

Technical Parameter:

Tracking Signal: GPS:L1C/A,L1P,L2P

First position time: cold boot:<50s warm boot:<35s Recapture Signal L1:<0.5s(representative value) L2: <1.0s(representative value) Position Precision Single-point precision: 1.2m Fixed solution precision: Horizontal 0.01m Vertical:0.01m Suspension solution accuracy:0.4m RTK Performance Initialization time <10s Initialization credibility >99.99%
Data Rate 5Hz

Input voltage +5V+5%VDC
Power consumption 3W
Size 112mm*52m*17.5mmv
Working Tempreture -40℃~+85℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+95℃
Weight 160g

website: www.topxgun.com

My email: xxzhu@topxgun.com
Whatsapp: +86 18936010201
Skype: lindazxx@outlook.com

PS:one base station support 5 agriculture drone, and each drone acheive precise spraying.




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