Totally Confused. Help??


I have been trying to follow the wiki instructions building a Hoverthings Flip Sport Quadcopter using a Pixhawk, a 4-in-1 Speed Control Quad HOBBYWING Skywalker Quattro 25A x 4 and a Frsky Taranis  but am having no luck getting the motors to work and am desperately asking for some help!!

My progress so far is as follows.

Connected the Frsky X8R SBUS to Pixhawk RC IN, the receiver is bound. Connected the Quattro wires as follows red to Prop 1, yellow to prop 2, white (signal) black Red to prop 3, brown to prop 4. These wires are connected to the signal pins. Calibrated the ESC for LiPo.


Selected X the frame type which is a bit confusing as there is not much information  on setting the drop down Default params box.

Done the calibrations and have set the flight modes as follows. 1 Stabilize, 4 Alt Hold, 6 Loiter which are controlled by the SD switch.


My problems start when doing a motor test. All I get is a long beep followed by two short high pitch beeps.


I also can not get it to arm i.e. throttle down and to the right. It does the start up sound then I push the red safety switch until it goes steady red. Then I get a blue flashing light which means its looking for a GPS lock. I assumed the GPS has a fault so in the standard Params I disabled the Arming check and the Baro Glitch protection as well as disabling the Battery, Radio and GCS Failsafe in an attempt trouble shoot the problem. No luck as I get the blue flashing light and no response to arming or stick movements.

This is a complicated bit of kit and I have definitely run out of ideas!!! If anyone can give me some help I would appreciate it!!!


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  • Getting things going can be a challenge. There are a lot of Failsafes and you may have missed one. At this point you need some tools. Connect the aircraft to mission planner via telemetry radios so you can see the error messages on the HUD display in Mission Planner. The MP HUD will tell you if the firmware is refusing to arm due to a pre-arm check not being met.

    Next learn to use the logging capability. The logs will reveal everything you need to know to continue troubleshooting. You  download the logs from the flight controller to your laptop via Mission Planner. Connect via usb and use the Mission Planner tabs located under the HUD to download the logs. Then use the log Analysis tools also located on the same tab to look at the errors, GPS status etc. You can turn on and off logging of certain aspects of flight controller in the advanced parameters. Just search for the parameter "log".

    Good Luck

    • Thanks for the log suggestion which I will use! I eventually got it working after reseating the gps cables which allowed a gps lock on.  As a guess the flight modes need a gps lock before arming??  There is a lot to learn but getting there. Thanks again. 

      • Yes in the newer firmware if you don't have a good GPS lock it will not arm. You don't need GPS for stabilize mode and alt-hold but loiter and others do need it.

        There is a lot to learn but it is fun!

        All is well that ends well tho.

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