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I've been reading through many threads about video transmission for some related answers, however I want to look at a particular case where the telemetry radio is used to send an image taken from a camera and is sent every minute or so to a GSC.

My current design plan is to use a Cannon PS camera to be controlled via a separate Arduino board using the Picture Transfer Protocol (or CHDK if they can send the captured images to a device via USB) and have it communicate with the ardupilot mega to hold off sending telemetry data until the image is sent back to a local GCS.

Bandwidth is not much of a concern it just means it will take a very long time to send each image but right now I am more concern with knowing how to go about the implementation.

 Help is greatly appreciated.


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I would like to do a similiar thing, but it seems hard to develop... Maybe we could use MAVlink packets but it is a bit crazy.

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