Tree landing (a.k.a. Crash) as quad spirals out of control in Auto mode - help needed

Hi everyone,

I am a coach of one of the UAS4STEM teams.  Two weekends ago we had crash when the quad went crazy during a simple mission in Auto Mode.  I would be great if some experts could have a quick look at the log files below and give us some advice. 

Background: It is a an Ardupilot 2.X running 3.2.1.  We have tuned it and it has been flying missions such as the one below well.  We went to the field and it was moderately windy, but the quad had no difficulty in maintaining position in loiter mode - so we ran the mission.

The quad looks like it made the first waypoint and the started make larger and larger spirals.  In the end we tried to take control by switching to loiter mode but this did not help and quad landed high up in a tree.

The only other information I can think is relevant is that to keep the orientation of the quad facing away from the pilot at all times we inlcuded a SET_ROI command at the beginning of the mission pointing to a point far away to the West.  

The only thing I can think of is that it may be caused by very large windup in the I-term of the navigation controller.  Here are some relevant parameters:



I have attached the telemetry and the dataflash logs.  The action begins at about 8%.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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Wrong log.  The log attached shows radio failsafe landing from stabilize in a field with absolutely no trees.

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