Tri yaw problems

Hi guys I have just finished building a Tri for a change (custom) and have put my APM 2 on it. I connected to mission planner and updated firmware with the correct Tri firmware.I also installed the props as per the wiki so I shouldn't need to change any code. .

What I wanted help with was when I try and take off the Tri will constantly yaw to one way and is very sluggish to return to centre and sometimes requires manual input to return. I have tried trimming the rudder to get it still but its only once I input a yaw stick movement it happens. I have tried this frame and electronics with another flight controller and it works fine and the servo centres well so its not the servo.

I would imagine it will be the Pids that need tweaking but as I have no experience with Tris Im not sure .

Any help would be great please.

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  • I fly tri's all the time... I would say twist your front motors till it yaws the same speed left or right...

    the PIDs only change rate and over shoot..




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